GDS Favorite Tunes Jam List

Angeline the Baker
Barlow Knife (G)
Black Mountain Rag
Carolina Waltz
Cherokee Shuffle
Cherry River Line
Coleman's March
Columbus Stockade Blues
Cripple Creek
Elk River Blues (G)
Farewell to Whiskey
Fly Around My Pretty Miss

Foggy Dew (Em)
Forked Deer
Going To Boston
Hangman's Reel (A)
Photo Gallery
Hollow Poplar (G)
John Ryan's Polka
John Stinson's No. 2 (A)
Julie Ann Johnson
June Apple
Keel Row
Kitchen Girl (A)
Lady Mary
Lee's Waltz
Liza Jane
Margaret's Waltz
Midnight on the Water
Mississippi Sawyer
My Own House Waltz
Nail That Catfish to a Tree
Old Joe Clark
Old Yellow Dog
Over the Waterfall
Parting Glass (Bm)
Rakes of Mallow (G)
Ragtime Annie
Reuben's Train (Em)
Road to Lisdoonvarna (Em)
Rock the Cradle, Joe
Rosin the Bow
Sally Slapped Me with a Flounder
Sandy Boys (A)
Sandy River Belle (G)
Seneca Square Dance (G)
Shoes and Stockings (G)
Shove That Pig's Foot (G)
Simple Gifts
Snake River Reel
Soldier's Joy
South Callaway Waltz
Southern Aristocracy
Spotted Pony
Squirrel Heads and Gravy
Saint Anne's Reel
Sugar Hill
Wayfaring Stranger (Em)
Westphalia Waltz
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Wild Mountain Thyme
Wildwood Flower
Wind That Shakes the Barley
Wizard on the Hill
You Are My Sunshine
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